Community Strong

This collection is dedicated to our Community, in this difficult time of the pandemic we are experiencing.  We realize that many small business have been shut down, people are out of work, teams cant play, classes cant resume, and church cant congregate.  Many events have also been cancelled, and peoples lives have stopped, but bills havent.  

 We are offering and small business, team, school, church, or any type of group or business that needs some extra money, a way to get some.  We will print your 1 color logo on Next Level Tees, and sell them on our site for $20, and each shirt sold with your logo on it, your group or business will get $10 per shirt.  So this is a way to get your logo out there, and make some money for you guys in the meantime.  We want to find a way to give back and what better way, then doing what we do, print tee shirts!  We will put them on a couple different color options for you, and you can send the link out to all your customers to generate sales and money for you guys in this tough time.

We will run the shirts for a little while, and print them later....but want to raise money for you NOW!   We dont have a date of print for the shirts, as we will print them all at once.

We will take as many groups as possible, because we want to give back as much as possible!

 Email us at to get your logo and shirts on here today and start making money to help keep your business going!

From $20.00